The W Hotel downtown is a lush hideaway infused throughout with natural elements that beckons you to come revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate. We partnered with the W Hotel Downtown because we knew if would provide the perfect atmosphere for use to bring Atlanta’s tastemakers, influencers, bloggers, celebrities and other fashionable individuals together for the ultimate fashion experience that we’ve creatived called “Fashion Wave”. 

Fashion Wave was created to move fashion and technology forward. Fashion Wave is an interactive fashion and art event showcasing an innovative way fashion and technology can be sewn together. 

Outside of seeing the seamless way how technology can be used within fashion, attendees will have the opportunity to preview Fly Citizen’s 2016 s/s collection and share the fashion experience digitally.

When the fabulous fashion preview is over watch how fashion and technology can be sewn together by artist creating a digital fashion sketch live for the first time on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 platform. Digiology “ Fashion Wave” is a series of private RSVP only fashion events for the who’s who of Atlanta, held in the W Hotel downtown.