Changing the way you interact and do business with clients

Digiology's cool kids and digital thinkers created a innovative way for salons and other businesses to take appointments and give customers the options to book exactly who they want, when they want, with a click of a button. No more calling in to see if your favorite stylist has any availability. With Digiology's platform you can see exactly when a employee is available and set your appointment from a mobile device right on the spot and go on about your day. In addition to digital booking, we created other features to increase 

your social media awareness and engagement with customers. Our platform will become your coolest upscale tool without a doubt. When clients wait to get serviced you can show them videos, hot topics relating to your industry, contest to win discounts and showcase new products that can be bought directly from your interactive platform. Give clients something to talk about and something to share on social media. Below are just a few features that Digiology's business connect platform can provide.