The Art Institute of Atlanta provides hands-on education in the creative and applied arts by offering master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs as well as non-degree programs.

The Art Institutes  curriculum is carefully scrutinized and developed by industry professionals and prominent employers who tell us what skills are needed in the workplace. This means that your education is relevant, practical and hands-on.

We partnered with The Art Institute of Atlanta to provide more opportunities for their students through technology. Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds,  Academic Director over the Fashion department at The Art Institute of Atlanta was the first director of an university to welcome Digiology into their system. With his guidance we were able to create the first Unconventional Design Competition power by Microsoft.

Our unique Digiology platform provides a great way to harness students passion and apply it in a way that helps improve their academic achievement, skills and interest in the careers of their desired future.